Best WLAN Plug for ALEXA

We present you the best WIFI sockets for your Smart Home. Easy control of conventional lamps and lighting systems that are not WLAN capable. Smart sockets also help you to save energy and are suitable for all standby devices that do not have to be permanently on the grid. WLAN outlets can make your life in the home more convenient and are the ideal complement to Alexa ECHO or other voice input systems.

WLAN Steckdosen Test 2018 Alexa
WLAN Steckdosen

The best WLAN plugs 2018 in the overview – WIFI outlet for your smart home

WLAN plug Test for ALEXA 2018. We show you the essential WLAN-enabled sockets. This allows you to switch connected devices on or off via smartphone. Your WLAN socket can also be used via the APP software as a programmable timer. You do not necessarily need Smart Home for the controller. Of course, the WLAN outlets also work with most of the language systems like ALEXA from Amazon, Google or Apple.

The intelligent power plug for controlling devices while on the move

The smart wireless sockets with WLAN work like a kind of adapter. You can plug it into any regular outlet of your home. This turns your standard power outlet into a smart, smart outlet and is now capable of Wi-Fi. You can now use the socket via mobile phone or voice assistant like ALEXA. The WIFI socket is integrated with the corresponding APP of the manufacturer in your home network. The installation of the switchable device is done in no time. It should be noted that you use a 2.4 GHz network for the Smart Home controller.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Smart Home Sockets

What can WLAN Smart Home Sockets? The advantage of smart sockets is the fact that you can control devices that are not WLAN-capable. You can control burglar deterrent lights while you're on the move using auto-aperture. Some of the Smart Home sockets can measure the power consumption of the connected devices and help you save energy. Switching from other devices, such as your TV or stereo, connected to an inaccessible electrical outlet can be convenient and help conserve power. Your devices will not run in standby mode.

I like to use my wireless socket to take my Sonos speakers off the net. Unfortunately, the Sonos speakers have no switch. The speakers are therefore in standby mode when not in use. You have the further option of using control software such as Conrad Connect – Your Home for Smart Devices. With the so-called “if-then” programming, for example, a pond pump can be controlled if certain other conditions are met, which are detected by other smart sensors.

TP Link HS100 WLAN plug

TP Link HS100 WLAN Steckdose
TP Link HS100 WLAN Steckdose

The HS100 is compatible with all popular wireless routers. No hub is necessary to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The Kasa app is compatible with all smart devices from TP-Link. Easy control with Android or iOS devices. There is the model HS-110 for the measurement of energy consumption. Creating schedules is possible. The TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi outlet works with Amazon Alexa [Echo, Echo Dot] and Google Home.


Osram Smart + Plug 

Osram Smart + Plug Schaltbare Steckdose Test 2018
Osram Smart + Plug Schaltbare Steckdose

The OSRAM WLAN socket is directly compatible with Echo Plus without an additional gateway. It is not suitable for dimming. The safety requirements due to overload, over temperature, hot plug protection are given. The APP software is operational on Android and Apple. Fully automatic control by time selection. With the battery-operated motion detector from Osram from Smart +, you control your light even more comfortable and flexible. Osram has many other smart home products, such as a switch that is programmable and a great addition to your WIFI outlet.

Mopoin WLAN plug

Mopoin WLAN Steckdose im Test 2018
Mopoin WLAN Steckdose

The Mopoin WIFI socket model can be controlled via the “eFamilyCloud” app. Simply scan the QR code, download the app and you can control your home devices with the smartphone. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo. An advantage is the integrated child safety device. The WLAN socket has a time control like all others. The price for the Mopoin is under 20 EURO and is worth considering.


AVM FRITZ!DECT 200 - WLAN Steckdosen Test 2018
AVM FRITZ!DECT 200 – Intelligente Steckdose für das Heimnetz

The WLAN socket of Fritz! Dect 200 switches connected devices up to 2,300 watts. The recording and evaluation of the power consumption of connected devices, on request via regular push emails, is possible, while the WLAN socket can also measure the ambient temperature and display via the FRITZ! Box and MyFRITZ! Make app. It is the perfect companion for users of the Fritz Box. A trouble-free and secure encrypted Dect radio with a long range is guaranteed. With the WIFI socket, You do nothing wrong.

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