Gourmetfleisch.de: The traditional butchery from germany in the online test


Butchery from Germany conquers the Internet

Today we would like to introduce the family business Gourmetfleisch who can proudly look back on more than 100 years of company tradition. Already in the 1950s and 60s, they supplied the private clientele with their unique steaks in the regional area around Mönchengladbach, and from the 1980s top restaurants throughout Germany were already among their satisfied customers. As gourmet meat told, it came with a visit to America on the idea to offer this steak quality for the home.

Gourmetfleisch - die online Metzgerei

Gourmet Meat is a good example of how the Internet can provide brick-and-mortar retail opportunities, and how it blends offline and online to provide the best for the customer.

Gourmetfleisch: “Thanks to the revolutionary and fast-growing Internet, we were able to put our idea into action – the birth of Gourmetfleisch.de – even today we work according to a very simple principle: quality is the best cook!” The butchers of gourmet meat cut each piece of meat by hand. It all requires perfection and experience.

The online SHOP

The Gourmetfleisch.de shop offers everything your heart desires. A perfect cold chain ensures that the meat arrives in perfect condition. The image film gives an insight into the company. We ourselves have already tried the delivery service in the summer and were thrilled. We as Ruhrpott shopping are of the opinion that good quality and appropriate attitude is to be welcomed. Back to the Sunday roast.

BEEF Party @ Home

If you would like to get to know gourmet meat personally and learn more about meat and barbecue art, you can also book a Beef Party @ Home. For more than 8 people the gourmet meat grill master comes to your home and spoils you with delicious meats.