How do I find the right cruise and which ship suits me?


Cruises are popular and trendy

Whether on the river or as a cruise on the high seas, sea cruises are very popular. Surely you also know someone who has ever been on a cruise ship. Maybe you're thinking about trying this travel experience? There are a lot of shipping companies and ships to choose from and you are literally beaten to death by offers. How should one find oneself in the jungle crusader? How to find the right offer and suitable ship. Everyone has different ideas and expectations for a cruise.

Artur und Angelika Koch

Today we would like to introduce you to the german Culant Travel Center in Gelsenkirchen.

It is our opinion one of the top addresses in the Ruhr area of germany. Artur and Angelika Koch have been running the family business since 1991. Both are passionate crusaders and have been personally involved in more than 200 boat trips. Anyone who comes to Gelsenkirchen in the Culant Travel Center on Bismarck street 55 should take a look at the impressive number of board cards that can be seen in the travel agency in a small corner.

Experts in terms of cruises. The two know what you are talking about and can give you helpful tips and help you to find the perfect dream vacation on the water. The two also organize a few years group travel on the subject of cruises and accompany them mostly personally.


Artur Koch: “Of course we also offer all other types of travel and our team is there for you, but our passion is especially the cruise, which we both love and love to do, and we both like to share our experiences with our interested Visitors and customers The good thing is, the people do not pay more than on the Internet and we still get advice and travel first hand information.We are for example Top 100 travel agency partner of TUI Cruises 2016/2017 and current Platinium Partner from A-ROSA (river cruises), we are a bit proud of that! „

Rightly, as we think. You can find more information about the travel agency at

link: Hotline: +49 209 386010