The Thermomix – much more than a good kitchen tool. How is the hype explained?


Cooking almost like on autopilot

The Thermomix is ​​almost indispensable in Germany. Almost everyone knows someone who has the food processor at home and is a fan of Thermomix. Even if some of us still have to consider a food processor for about 1300 EURO necessarily, because you would rather quite old-fashioned in the pots and stirs as in Mum's time. Wrong, these people do not have. You do not necessarily do most things. But having a thermomix can not hurt either. In my opinion, for me a perfect food processor for everyday life. If it should go fast and maybe not just a large family wants to be supplied. Even though my girlfriend does not always share my opinion about cooking with Thermomix.

The Thermomix from Vorwerk – the kitchen machine of the future

The first original Thermomix was already in 1961 under the name VKM5 and was at the time a revolution in the kitchen. He was already able to mix, cut, knead, stir, grate, grind and juice. 7 functions! At the time a real sensation. Luckily, there has been a lot of development going on today. The current Thermomix model is the TM5. That sounds almost like a science fiction movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. You're thinking of “Terminator”, too. He is ahead of his time with the introduction of the Cook-Key, which connects the Thermomix TM5 via Wi-Fi online. I like technical things like that, especially if they work.

What can the Thermomix TM5 do?

The current model of the Vorwerk food processor has 12 functions in one appliance and is perfectly equipped for work in the kitchen. It is above all functions such as steam cooking which is especially gentle for a preparation, weighing the ingredients, grinding, kneading, beating, controlled heating and emulsifying. Also a function that I often and gladly use. Of course he can cook too.

Google & What am I cooking today?

A very search engine on search engine Google. About 80000 submissions on average a month with the question: “What am I cooking today?” A topic that moves people. Many want to get inspiration for a healthy and delicious meal. Vorwerk has come up with a great solution for this. With the help of the Cook-Key and the Thermomix recipe portal Cookidoo you have created the possibility to send selected favorite recipes and recipe lists as well as the weekly planner directly to the display of the TM5.

The perfect food processor on autopilot with the guided cooking function

Cook Key Thermomix

That could almost be the motto. The Thermomix TM5 has a guided cooking function that makes it special. With its help it is possible to conjure delicious and wholesome meals even by untalented cooks. The cook key is included in the premium package or can be purchased separately later. I would recommend to take directly the Premium Thermomix package, because the function is really fun and you come to many new ideas. A big advantage is the planning and shopping list. Especially during the week, which can be quite busy, who does not know that! Helps the Thermomix TM5 with its ingenious online connection to organize and save time. There is also an APP.

Thermomix experience cooking and the Vorwerk representatives

Not only the food processor is unique but also the service and distribution channel. What is better than experiencing the Thermomix TM5 live and trying it out without obligation. Experience cooking and a personal consultation by a contact person. You have the opportunity to experience the miracle with some friends at your home in the kitchen. Do not worry, your kitchen will stay clean. My first experience with the Thermomix was also a representative. I still remember how impressed I was with the machine. On Sundays delicious fresh rolls or for dessert fast a healthy fruit ice cream are made in no time. I was impressed. The Thermomix at one or the other application can be a bit louder for a short time is one of them and I did not find it annoying. The numbers give Vorwerk right, already 9 months after market launch in September 2014 ran the millionth TM5 worldwide.

If you are looking for a contact and contact person for an experience cooking with the Thermomix, I would like to give you a contact address of my Thermomix representative.


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